Water Conservation vs. Efficient Water Use

We have a water problem. Too often sprinkler controllers are set and forgotten; not adjusted when the weather changes. A lot of water is beng wasted.


When the EPA says landscapes are often watered with twice the needed water, people don't believe it. Plus they fear that cutting back on water use will hurt their landsacape. I have seen just the opposite. When landscapes are watered right they are healthier. You can have efficient water use and a healthy landscape. The secret is knowing when to water, and when not too.


Most over watering occurs in the spring and fall. Over watering forces roots to stay shallow, because they need air. When you water deep and less frequently, especially in the spring and fall, roots grow deep. Plants will be healthier a prepared for the stress of summer. The trick is making sure plants get the right amount of water when they need it.


Smart control systems claim to track weather conditions. The problem is, too many of them do not track all the conditions affecting plant water use. For example, most "smart" systems don't measure rainfall. Weather Reach Smart control uses advanced methods to quantify effective rain so watering is delayed until the rain has evaporated. Accurately tracking climate conditions also finds cool cloudy humid days when watering can be skipped. Then on those hot dry windy days Weather Reach knows it is time to water.


When you are asked to conserve water, don't feel you need to sacrifice your landscape's health. Weather Reach helps you use water efficiently; eliminating wasteful over watering.    


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