How do you SELL Climate Controlled Irrigation?

There's no doubt about it, smart irrigation is definitely an up-sell, and it’s tough! I speak to contractors, distributors, and water managers all day long who have this common issue. What is my answer? ROI of course!

ROI (Return on Investment) is the biggest component of why smart irrigation is so useful and necessary. Now I’m not just talking about the dollars and bills. I’m also talking about the return you receive with the landscape, with water conservation, and especially with TIME.

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The Market is Changing, are YOU?

Any business that has been around since 2008 knows the market has changed drastically. With the economic mortgage crisis that hit America, and is still affecting it, many landscaping companies have suffered due to foreclosures and the lack of new growth. The businesses that survived were the ones that knew how to adapt to the change in the market. For instance, a landscaping company that primarily worked on new developments may have changed to retrofitting existing properties. The successful businesses realized that the market did not crash entirely but rather dramatically shifted in a new direction, and that understanding that new direction provides a business opportunity.


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Don't let your Business Die with the Day of the Dead

Time and time again I have spoken to landscape contractors who struggle finding work to maintain or increase business during the off-season. With Fall here, many contractors are currently busy turning off people's sprinklers or are just about to be. But then what? "Oh! Well... there's the IA! I can go to that and be busy is often what I'm hearing contractors say. Then after that? Well, it's the Holidays and people are busy. It's really from January to March that we need to figure something out."


My message: There is work all throughout times of the year, you just have to be creative and discover what your business is really capable of.

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At Irrisoft quality is driven by three objectives:

  1. Save Money – We want to help our customers save money.
  2. Efficient Water Use – Water is a precious resource, it should be used responsibly.
  3. Healthy Landscapes – Beautiful landscapes enhance the quality of life.  To be healthy, plants must be watered right.

We define quality as “Consistent Effective Performance.”  To implement our objectives with high quality standards we focus on four areas:

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How much money does Weather Reach save?

Climate controlled irrigation saves money by reducing water use, saving you time and keeping landscapes healthy. 


But how much money?  I don't know; there are too many variables.  How effective is your current water management style?  What will the weather be like?  If last year was cool and rainy and this year is hot and dry plants need more supplemental water from irrigation. Water use will go up just because of the weather. 
Several years ago we looked like heroes to a home owner in New England.

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Complaints are Opportunities

In the last few weeks several landscape contractors have told me of calls from their customers who are complaining about high water bills.


See complaints as opportunities to solve problems. Be grateful your customer called, they still see you as a resource to help solve problems; if they didn’t, they would not be calling. When you get calls like this it becomes an opportunity to explain the value of smart irrigation control.


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