Weather Reach Signal Service

Weather Reach is built on the principle that weather from one high-quality ET Weather Station should be shared with thousands of landscapes.  The Weather Reach Signal is broadcast to Rain Bird ET Managers and Weather Reach Receivers to automate water management.  The Weather Reach Signal is a wireless broadcast carried by commercial one-way paging companies.  To utilize this service you have two options:

Irrisoft offers two Weather Reach Signal Service contract types:
  • Private Signal Service
  • Sponsorship Agreement 
Private Signal Service terms are negotiated for your specific needs.  Contact us for more information.
Weather Reach Signal Sponsor
When you sponsor a weather region, Irrisoft broadcasts weather data from a local weather station to Weather Reach Receivers and Rain Bird ET Managers as a free service to the community.  As a Weather Reach Signal Sponsor, you will increase marketing exposure and enhance your community image.

Serve your community by reducing landscape water waste.  By sponsoring the Weather Reach Signal, you make available free, valuable weather data and its benefits to anyone with an automatic irrigation system and a Rain Bird ET Manager.
A Weather Reach Signal Information sheet is used by every Rain Bird ET Manager installer.  The Sponsor is featured in this document. 
Benefits of Becoming a Signal Sponsor:
  • Increased Marketing Exposure
  • Enhanced community image
  • Free Signal to Community

Contact us for pricing and more information