WR-7  Weather Reach Receiver

The WR-7 was our first smart control device, introduced over 10 years ago in 2002.  The WR-7 set a new standard for smart control.  From its foundation, many smart control products have been born; Rain Bird ET Manager, ET Manager Cartridge, Weather Reach WR-1 and now Controller Link.

WR-7 is still in use today and is popular with Toro Sentinel controllers because the WR-7 delivers hourly ET and rain to Sentinel controllers.  


A Weather Reach™ Receiver uses data from highly accurate, local weather stations to calculate the irrigation needs of your landscape. Weather Reach™ brings Evapotranspiration (ETo) based control to any standard irrigation controller to help maintain a healthier landscape while conserving water and saving money.

Four control methods makes the WR-7 a very versitle controller add-on device.

  • ET Enable Control - The irrigation requirement is equal to ET minus effective rainfall.  The Weather Reach Receiver maintains a moisture balance by accumulating the irrigation requirement.  The “common” output of a controller is interrupted until the moisture balance reaches a programmed threshold. Watering only occurs when soil moisture is depleted to an allowable level.  The controller is programmed to apply the amount of water needed to refill the soil reservoir.  Irrigation frequency is controlled based on ET.  Rainfall values measured by an on-site rain gauge or from the local weather station are used to calculate the irrigation requirement.  Irrigation is interrupted based on the amount of rainfall.  Excessive rain is ignored; the Weather Reach Receiver determines effective rain based on user settings.
  • ET-Pulse – The Weather Reach Receiver creates a switch contact for every 0.01” of ET for compatible ET-based irrigation controllers.
  • Rain-Pulse - The Weather Reach Receiver creates a switch contact for every 0.01” of rain measured at the weather station for compatible irrigation controllers.
  • ET- Trigger – When an ET threshold is reached; the Weather Reach Receiver creates a switch contact to signal a compatible irrigation controller that irrigation is needed.
  • RS-232 – ET and weather data can be directly accessed from the Weather Reach Receiver serial port by compatible irrigation controllers.



Model Description
WR-7 WR-7 Weather Reach Reciever 
WR-PRG  Pronamic® Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (1 mm per tip) w/ 30' cable
WR-PS  110 VAC Plug-in Power Supply
WR-ANT-BNC* External Antenna for WR-7
WR-OE  WR-7 Outdoor Enclosure             
                                         **The Weather Reach Receiver has a built-in antenna.
                                         Locations with a weak paging signal may require an external antenna and a 50 Ohm antenna cable with a BNC Male connector



Power Supply*:                                     12 to 42 VAC or 12 to 60 VDC @ 0.1 A max.
Maximum Contact Load:                     5 A@ 50 VAC
Pulse Frequency:                                 1 or 10 pulses per minute
Pulse Duration:                                     0.1 to 4.8 seconds
ET Enable:                                               Separate A & B Threshold settings and contacts
Operating Temp. Range:                     -15° to 70°C (5° to 160°F)
Terminal Wire Gauge:                         14 to 22 awg
Ground Lug Wire Gauge:                    14 to 18 awg
Serial Communications:                     RS-232 (RJ45 connector)
Antenna Connection:                         BNC Female, 930 MHz
Rain Gauge Sensor Voltage:             3 VDC
Indoor Wall Mount Cabinet:            4.8" H x 5.25" W x 1.5" D
*A power cable (included) connects to the irrigation controller 24 VAC power supply. If needed, a separate power supply is available.



User guides

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WR-7 Weather Reach Receiver Version 1 (Serial Numbers below 2000)

Application Notes:  
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Rain Master Eagle Series times are compatible with the Weather Reach WR-7 Climate Controlled Irrigation Timer

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