Winter Sales Opportunity

The winter solstice is behind us, we are on our way to spring.  Most people are not thinking about their sprinkler system they are signing up for gym membership to shed a few pounds they put on over the holidays.

Just as over eating is not good for us, over watering not only wastes water, it is not good for plants.  Weather smart irrigation control takes over the watering schedule in response to the weather.  Spring and fall weather conditions are tougher to predict.  It may rain for a while then suddenly come off hot and dry. It is amazing to watch our products react to changing weather, they do a great job; it is very satisfying.


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Landscape Water Management - A Win Win Investment

Rising water costs and the demand for improved watering efficiency is prompting property owners to call their landscape contractor.  Fortunately advancements in irrigation technology make it possible for them do take steps to reduce water waste.  New and improved sprinkler heads water more evenly to eliminate dry spots and reduce run-off.  More effective pressure regulation minimizes drifting water.  Smart controllers automate watering schedules so plants are watered when they need it.  Contractors have the tools do improve efficiency and property owners benefit by reducing water waste. 

Today's advanced technology is creating a win-win scenario, service provided by contractors are paid through rebates and reduced water use.  The return of investment for most property owners is less than three years; we even have seen some properties with an ROI of less than a year.   

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Water Conservation vs. Efficient Water Use

We have a water problem. Too often sprinkler controllers are set and forgotten; not adjusted when the weather changes. A lot of water is beng wasted. When the EPA says landscapes are often watered with twice the needed water, people don't believe it. Plus they fear that cutting back on water use will hurt their landsacape.


I have seen just the opposite. When landscapes are watered right they are healthier. You can have efficient water use and a healthy landscape. The secret is knowing when to water, and when not too.


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Know When to Water

There is a lot we can talk about with these four simple words.

Let me start with Marian Webster has to say:

Know - "to have understanding"
When - "at what time"
To - ".. a function word to indicate an action...."
Water - "to moisten, sprinkle, or soak with water "

If we take the word "know" out of the phrase, the idea is simple "at what time do we take action to moisten with water?" Most sprinkler controllers don't know when to water, they are programmed to come on a set a time. Standard sprinkler controllers do not understand the plant's need for water. That  four letter word "know" makes all the difference. Without knowing when to water we will either waste water or stress plants.


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The Water Truck

You may not believe this story, but it’s true.  A business colleague called me a couple weeks ago about a commercial landscape project he was involved with.  To save water, the landscape was to be watered with a water truck.  No sprinkler system was to be installed.  When the contractor ran a five year cost projection, it was going to cost $150,000.00 more to use a water truck than to put in a sprinkler system and pay for the water.  The explanation given to the contractor was, less water would be used because they would only bring in the water truck when the plants needed water. 


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Dry Spots

I am not talking about your skin; I am talking about the lawn.  Nobody likes dry spots.  Typical fix; run the sprinklers longer.  Stop - Wait - Think.  How big is the dry spot? Most of the time, dry spots people worry about are small, probably less than 5% of the overall area.  It reminds me of my wife at piano recitals; she can hear the one missed note.  I am glad to hear all the right notes.  OK Let me get back on task.  Think about the other 95% of the lawn, it looks great, lush, green and healthy.  What is the typical fix?  Run the sprinklers longer.  So what you are telling me is we should over water 95% of the lawn to keep the little dry spot green.


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