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Rising water costs and pressure to conserve water is fueling a new profession.  Landscape Water Managers are helping property owners use water more efficiently.  Don’t fear the perception that cutting back on water use will impact the appearance of the landscape; the opposite is true.  Professional Water Managers know how to save more by using less and improving system efficiency to sustain beautiful healthy landscapes.  The work of a Landscape Water Manager has three legs, all three are essential for effective results.
1) Irrigation System Efficiency
2) Base Irrigation Schedule
3) Automated Watering Control

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Do you get MAD?

MAD stands for Management Allowed Depletion. In the world of Smart irrigation control there are two approaches.  Replenish or MAD.  


Replenishment replaces water lost to ET that that day. Sounds good? Wait, in the spring and fall the result is frequent, shallow watering. Roots do not grow deep in these conditions.  They don't need to, the ground is kept wet. When to soil is kept too wet, roots don't get enough air, so they stay close to the surface. Yes, your landscape needs to breathe! 

On the other hand, MAD is about watering deep and less frequently. ET is still replenished but in larger amounts and after soil moistured is depleted to an allowable level. This allows the landscape to get the air it needs, and make the roots stretch deeper into the soil. Deeper roots mean healthier plants.

So, do you get MAD? At Irrisoft, Inc. we have been helping people get MAD for years. Try our MAD watering simulation model to how to apply MAD to your landscape watering to benefit your customer’s landscape. Also, contact us to find out how automate watering based on MAD to help your plants use ET to grow the healthy way.

Day of the week watering restrictions

Every year many are faced with day-of-the-week lawn watering restrictions. In many areas of the country are in a drought.  But is day-of-the week lawn watering restriuctions the best approach? For the last 3 years I have been limited to two day per week watering. Sounds harsh, yes but not as you might think.  I typically would water my lawn about every 5 days in the summer.  Two-day-a-week watering impacted me in an opposite way; I now had to water more often.

Before the restrictions, many of my neighbors watered every day.  When the restrictions were put in place, their lawns suffered.  Grass had grown accustom to daily watering, roots were shallow and by the second day the lawn was showing stress.  At my home, because of deep healthy roots, our lawn always looked great.  

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Tips to improve your irrigation system

We all know that July is the hottest month of the year, and because of that we tend increase our water use as well. But let’s face it, we need water, but sometimes, we use more than what we actually need. Because of that, the Irrigation Association has launched the campaign #SmartIrrigationMonth to raise awareness of the benefits of efficient watering practices.

You already know how much water you might be wasting in your landscape if you read our previous article. Smart controllers are a great alternative to improve water efficiency in your irrigation system, but there are many more things you can do keep improving and save even more water.
Here are some tips that you can use to improve the efficiency of your irrigation system and save even more water.

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