Do you mean I don't need to reprogram my sprinkler controller?

I will never forget the first time I heard these words from a customer who installed Weather Reach smart irrigation control at his home.  There was such delight in his voice.  I realized then that we were doing more than improving water use efficiency, saving money and keeping landscapes healthy, we were easing the burdens of our customers. 

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How much money does Weather Reach save?

Climate controlled irrigation saves money by reducing water use, saving you time and keeping landscapes healthy.  But how much money?  I don't know; there are too many variables.  How effective is your current water management style?  What will the weather be like?  If last year was cool and rainy and this year is hot and dry plants need more supplemental water from irrigation. Water use will go up just because of the weather. 

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Do I need a sensor in the ground?

When I tell people that Weather Reach smart irrigation control automatically manages watering schedules, I often get asked the question, "Do you use sensors in the ground?"  No, climate controlled irrigation is simpler, more reliable and cost effective.

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Don't water in the rain

Many people get frustrated when they see sprinklers on when its raining.  It wastes water.  To solve this problem rain shut-off devices are installed connected to sprinkler controllers.  But, they do not have the best reputation.  As with most problems there are good-better-best solutions.  I have been in this industry for 35 years, I consider a rain shut-off device to be a good solution.  The problem is, they either don't work or they let the sprinklers resume watering too soon after the storm is over; but they are better than nothing.

Know When to Water

There is a lot we can talk about with these four simple words.
Let me start with Marian Webster has to say:

Know - "to have understanding"
When - "at what time"
To - ".. a function word to indicate an action...."
Water - "to moisten, sprinkle, or soak with water "

If we take the word "know" out of the phrase, the idea is simple "at what time do we take action to moisten with water?" Most sprinkler controllers don't know when to water, they are programmed to come on a set a time. Standard sprinkler controllers do not understand the plant's need for water. That  four letter word "know" makes all the difference. Without knowing when to water we will either waste water or stress plants.

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Water Right

There are two expressions I use from time to time; Water Smart & Water Right.  My last blog post was about watering smart, so I’d better explain "Water Right."  My wife was proof reading an article where I used the expression "Water Right," she crossed out "right" and changed it to "correctly."  She teaches English at a university, she should know and she is right, she is always right or should I say, she is correct.  I told her I like the word right, it sounds better and rolls off your tongue easier.  
So how does someone water right?  (Or should I say, correctly?)  If you have read anything else I have written, then you know the answer.  Plant roots need air and water.  Too many times people over water and starve plants of the air they need.  Plus they are wasting water.  The horticulturists have been telling us to water deep and less frequent.  So watering right means the right amount and at the right time.  I love my wife, but when she sees the top of the ground get dry, she is convinced it is time to water.  I beg her, trust the roots.  The water is there and the plants are fine.  So watering right means we need to wait until water from the last time we watered has evaporated.

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