DIY Landscape Design Week 3

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From here we can dive into specifics. Draw out exactly how big the hardscape (patio, deck) will be. Make sure you are drawing everything in the same scale and measure, measure, measure. Flower beds should be no less than a fourth of your house’s height wide, ideal is one third. Any smaller and it will not look proportional to your home. Remember to design your flower beds and other areas with the same form. If you chose a curved form then have all your edges curved.  Curves look better when they are larger. You don’t want to go for a wiggly line you are trying to copy nature. This drawing should not include the location or types of plant material. This drawing is only the form, exact size, and layout of the landscape and should include all flowerbeds, paving, steps, paths, turf area, patio, garden area, etc. You can place trees in their locations but try to avoid deciding type. Also decide the materials each part will be made from and how much will be needed to accomplish this. Most materials can be viewed online with the exact dimensions just remember to estimate at least 10% extra for errors and potentially broken pieces. Hardscape plans for most DIY’s can be found online find one you like. Walls and decks should be handled with extreme care as errors can cause serious accidents and even death. For all above ground decks and walls 4ft and above contact a licensed contractor. 

Landscape Plan