Are you MAD? If not, then you should be!

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When it comes to ET irrigating there are two methods that are predominantly used: the Replenishing method, and the Managed Allowed Depletion (MAD) method. Both are good, but the MAD method is what your plants prefer and here’s why.
When you use the replenishing method your goal is to replenish whatever ET that has occurred that day. This causes a frequent and shallow watering schedule, thus shallow roots. It will definitely keep the ground wet and replenish the water plants need, but it prohibits the plants/roots getting air. Yes, your landscape needs to breathe! It’s like always drinking water through a coffee straw without ever breathing...which in the end doesn’t work out so well.
On the other hand, MAD is about watering deep and less frequently. ET is still replenished but in larger amounts and after an allotted amount of time. This allows the landscape to get the air it needs, and make the roots stretch deeper into the soil. Deeper roots mean healthier plants. Compare this to drinking a large glass of water when you need to, and breathing the rest of the time. It just makes more sense doesn’t it?
So, how do you get MAD? At Irrisoft, Inc. we have been helping people get MAD for years. Check out our simulation model and see how it can benefit your customer’s landscape. Also, contact Dan Burris below to find out how Weather Reach ( can help your plants use ET to grow the healthy way.