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Smart Irrigation Control - A comparison

Smart Controllers with your sprinkler controller creates beautiful landscapesPaul E. Urzagaste a Graduate Student at Utah State University wrote his thesis about research he conducted on various smart irrigation control products.  I asked him to share his thoughts about our Weather Reach products compared to his experience with other products.  He shared this with me and gave me permission to put it on our Blog.
“Based on my experience and the results we obtained, between the controllers we tested, there are not significant differences in terms of water conservation.  But when we analyze in detail, different aspects of the controllers, we can find advantages and disadvantages in every single one of the controllers.

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Winter Sales Opportunity

The winter solstice is behind us, we are on our way to spring.  Most people are not thinking about their sprinkler system they are signing up for gym membership to shed a few pounds they put on over the holidays.

Just as over eating is not good for us, over watering not only wastes water, it is not good for plants.  Weather smart irrigation control takes over the watering schedule in response to the weather.  Spring and fall weather conditions are tougher to predict.  It may rain for a while then suddenly come off hot and dry. It is amazing to watch our products react to changing weather, they do a great job; it is very satisfying.

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Complaints are Opportunities

Customer Complaint, I say landscaper business opportunityIn the last few weeks several landscape contractors have told me of calls from their customers who are complaining about high water bills. Look at complaints as opportunities to solve problems. Be grateful your customer called, they still see you as a resource to help solve problems; if they didn’t, they would not be calling.

When you get calls like this it becomes an opportunity to explain the value of smart irrigation control. Your best judgment is used to program conventional sprinkler controllers, but you can’t afford to be there every time the weather changes. To avoid stressing the landscape, controller programming is often based on the worst case scenario. Smart controllers can be your best friend and helper.

When you pitch a smart controller, anticipate the question; “How much money will it save me?” To be honest, we don’t know. We can’t forecast the weather and we are not sure how much overwatering has been going on. Smart control is all about eliminating wasteful over watering.

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What is a Smart Irrigation Controller?

Smart Irrigation Controllers, (Controller Link), estimate or measure depletion or evaporation of available plant soil moisture. Attached to your sprinkler controller, the smart controller operates your sprinkler system, replenishing water as it needs it, while minimizing excess water use. A properly programmed smart controller requires initial "site" specific set-up. Taking into consideration your climate, your root depth, run times, required cycles, and other local factors. Once initial settings are consider, your smart controller takes local weather conditions and calculates the rate of evaporation to your lawns and gardens.

Benefits of Owning a Smart Controller:
The biggest benefit of smart controllers is their ability to automatically adjust schedules throughout the year. Saving owners from having to manually adjust their sprinkler timers as the seasons change. Let the weather do the adjusting instead. Because Controller Link supports automatic rain shut off and flow sensing, we take this "smart" control to a whole new level.

Do you mean I don't need to reprogram my sprinkler controller?

I will never forget the first time I heard these words from a customer who installed Weather Reach smart irrigation control at his home.  There was such delight in his voice.  I realized then that we were doing more than improving water use efficiency, saving money and keeping landscapes healthy, we were easing the burdens of our customers. 

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