What is a Smart Irrigation Controller?

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Smart Irrigation Controllers, (Controller Link), estimate or measure depletion or evaporation of available plant soil moisture. Attached to your sprinkler controller, the smart controller operates your sprinkler system, replenishing water as it needs it, while minimizing excess water use. A properly programmed smart controller requires initial "site" specific set-up. Taking into consideration your climate, your root depth, run times, required cycles, and other local factors. Once initial settings are consider, your smart controller takes local weather conditions and calculates the rate of evaporation to your lawns and gardens.

Benefits of Owning a Smart Controller:
The biggest benefit of smart controllers is their ability to automatically adjust schedules throughout the year. Saving owners from having to manually adjust their sprinkler timers as the seasons change. Let the weather do the adjusting instead. Because Controller Link supports automatic rain shut off and flow sensing, we take this "smart" control to a whole new level.