Winter Sales Opportunity

The winter solstice is behind us, we are on our way to spring.  Most people are not thinking about their sprinkler system they are signing up for gym membership to shed a few pounds they put on over the holidays.

Just as over eating is not good for us, over watering not only wastes water, it is not good for plants.  Weather smart irrigation control takes over the watering schedule in response to the weather.  Spring and fall weather conditions are tougher to predict.  It may rain for a while then suddenly come off hot and dry. It is amazing to watch our products react to changing weather, they do a great job; it is very satisfying.
Now is the time to get ready for spring.  I am already getting calls from many water managers who want to add smart control to services they provide for their customers.  Many of you are renewing contracts for next year, making plans for landscape and irrigation system improvements.  Smart control should be one of the options. Installing a Controller Link will save your customers money and you will save time.  The remote management capability of Weather Reach Access lets you improve customer service and retention.

If you are not offering smart control now, reach out to us so we can help you expand your understanding so you can offer smart water management services.  If you are using smart control now, do you have remote management? Most smart control systems do not have remote management nor do they offer flow sensors.  Consider upgrading your customers to Controller Link.  Many of our customers are taking out the old smart control devices they have been disappointed with and installing Controller Link.  It is easier, more reliable, includes remote management and flow sensing.  I was going to write, it just makes sense (cents) then thought; it makes dollars.  Sorry for the bad humor, I will forget comedy and stay with what I know best, smart control.

Good luck getting ready for spring.  Install smart control now and be ready when the weather changes.