At Irrisoft quality is driven by three objectives:
  1. Save Money – We want to help our customers save money.
  2. Efficient Water Use – Water is a precious resource, it should be used responsibly.
  3. Healthy Landscapes – Beautiful landscapes enhance the quality of life.  To be healthy, plants must be watered right.
We define quality as “Consistent Effective Performance.”  To implement our objectives with high quality standards we focus on four areas:
  • Service
    • Our products serve our customers by automating water management.
    • We serve our customers by helping them use our products.
  • Product – A product design must be robust with proven reliability.  Then we manufacture products with high quality materials, the finest assembly methods and test it before delivery.
  • Software – Electronics are driven by program code imbedded in the processor.  A programmer must completely understand the problem the software must solve.  My father taught me, “The strength of a program lies in error management.”  Electronics are used in the real world and who knows what they may encounter.  Our products are developed to be as failsafe as possible.
  • Input - GIGO is Garbage in Garbage out; in other words the quality of a result is directly related to the accuracy of the information coming in.  For our irrigation control products information comes from two sources 1) data 2) settings.
    • Data - Our irrigation control devices rely on data from sensors.  Information must be complete and timely.  We use hourly climate measurements from 5 precision sensors.  Plus five additional sensors are used to control irrigation.  
    • Settings - Our irrigation control devices must be programmed by users who enter site-specific settings.  We simplify setup and educate customers to help them implement smart irrigation control.
Each and everyday I think about our customers and how our products serve them.  When they buy our product it is because we have earned their trust.  We strive to sustain that trust by delivering quality results.