Dry Spots

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I am not talking about your skin; I am talking about the lawn.  Nobody likes dry spots.  Typical fix; run the sprinklers longer.  Stop - Wait - Think.  How big is the dry spot? Most of the time, dry spots people worry about are small, probably less than 5% of the overall area.  It reminds me of my wife at piano recitals; she can hear the one missed note.  I am glad to hear all the right notes.  OK Let me get back on task.  Think about the other 95% of the lawn, it looks great, lush, green and healthy.  What is the typical fix?  Run the sprinklers longer.  So what you are telling me is we should over water 95% of the lawn to keep the little dry spot green.
Steve, why are you writing about this?  I thought you just want to sell me climate controlled irrigation. I will tell you.  I want to help people use water efficiently.  Most of the time the cost to overwater a big area, to keep a small spot green, is more than it will cost to improve the irrigation system to water more efficiently. 
There is one other reason I bring this up.  When people install smart irrigation control they somehow think a smart controller is smart enough to fix a dry spot.  Sorry, a smart controller knows when to water; the sprinkler system needs to do its job.  If there is a dry sport there is most likely a problem with a sprinkler head.  Smart controllers don't fix dry spots.
I suggest that when installing smart irrigation control, sprinkler system performance should be reviewed.  Find the coverage problems that cause dry spots and get them fixed.  Then sit back and smile, knowing you are saving money, using water efficiently and keeping the landscape looking great.