DIY Landscape Design

 One of the biggest hurdles in beautifying our landscapes is design. If you enjoy gardening or just don’t want to pay for a landscape design, you can do it yourself and I will help you. Your design can be carried out in one summer or in phases to ease the cost and allow time to find exactly what you want. To phase in your landscape you must first have a design. Only then will it be clear what pieces need to be done first, second, and last.  Some things you can contract out or many home stores, local gardens, nurseries, etc have classes to learn things like paving and even installing water features.  All that is waiting now is for you to start.
To keep from bombarding you with information I have divided designing your landscape in steps. Each week I will post the next step to insure that you have your design ready to go before it comes time to plant.

DIY designs in your garden and landscape

Week one
To design a great landscape first look at other landscapes online; as you run in the mornings; on road trips; etc, and decide what you like and don’t like.  Collect these by taking pictures, starting a Pinterest board, etc. The key to a successful design is to know what you want. Include: paving ideas, plant bed boarders, design themes, structures, water features, etc.

Choose a style to help unify the space. Style types include Cottage, Mediterranean, Modern, Formal, Rustic/Natural, Japanese, Zen, etc. With in these styles further decide if the layout should be linear, curved, angled, rectangular, or circular. For a more natural feel choose curves for a very modern feel choose angles or a linear layout. 

DIY garden and landscape - Learn great landscape design