The Water Truck

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You may not believe this story, but it’s true.  A business colleague called me a couple weeks ago about a commercial landscape project he was involved with.  To save water, the landscape was to be watered with a water truck.  No sprinkler system was to be installed.  When the contractor ran a five year cost projection, it was going to cost $150,000.00 more to use a water truck than to put in a sprinkler system and pay for the water.  The explanation given to the contractor was, less water would be used because they would only bring in the water truck when the plants needed water. 
  I will give them credit for understanding that many sprinkler systems waste water because irrigation schedules are not changed as the weather changes; that plants should only be watered when they need it.  Too many people water too much.  Irrigation schedules should be automated based on climate conditions.  It is easy and cost effective.
There is one other factor that was not considered.  By using a water truck, they may have used less water, but think about all the pollution that would have resulted by trucking hundreds of thousands of gallons of water.  This is why pipe was invented.  Fortunately a sprinkler system did go in on this project and the water resources are being properly managed.