How do you SELL Climate Controlled Irrigation

There's no doubt about it, smart irrigation is definitely an up-sell, and it’s tough! I speak to contractors, distributors, and water managers all day long who have this common issue. What is my answer? ROI of course!
ROI (Return on Investment) is the biggest component of why smart irrigation is so useful and necessary. Now I’m not just talking about the dollars and bills. I’m also talking about the return you receive with the landscape, with water conservation, and especially with TIME.
Time and money seem to be the two things people are most concerned about, just below their families and values. Whether you’re a contractor, or water/property manager the time making you and your clients spend on their watering is invaluable. That’s why climate controlled irrigation is the answer.
  When it comes to selling the answer to saving time and money while sustaining a beautiful landscape there are some key points to highlight:
First, climate controlled irrigation, when setup properly, can save water which means it saves money. For example, Controller Link saves an average of 30% on water bills. With some simple math you can figure a financial ROI within 1-3 years. As a Property Manager of an HOA myself that is the key point of why climate controlled irrigation is the answer.
Second is remote management. Let me ask you this, how much time do you spend adjusting the irrigation schedule due to climate change, checking for breaks, and surveying the landscape to make it’s still green and your sprinklers are actually turning on? How much money do you pay a service man to go out there and do this for you? Probably a lot of time and money. With remote management you can access the system, check logs and data updates, get email notifications for high/no flows, temperature interrupts, rain interrupts, and etc… When it comes to selling smart irrigation remote management allows you to provide a more excellent, quick, and efficient service to your client.
Third is the health of the landscape/appeasing city restrictions. Government is concerned about water use and smart irrigation is becoming a more prevalent. Most clients want to feel like they need to “hop on the band wagon” and get with the program in order buy. When you focus on how climate controlled irrigation waters exactly when the landscape needs it and how they are only complying with current or soon to be government movement for smart water use the sale becomes a much easier.
Of course, there are many points of contrast that prove climate controlled irrigation is the way to go. These are just some of the main ones. For more help selling smart irrigation contact us at Irrisoft, Inc.