What can the bird do for you?

What can twitter do for your landscape and water manager business? Let the bird work for you. As an expert in the landscape industry, you may be wondering what use is Social Networking to your business, how can this help you grow as a business? The fact is, as advertising morphs over into Social Networking, you may find that the old fashion traditional advertising methods may not be as successful as they used to be. Don't write those traditional methods off completely because the one thing they offer is a local presence. Just as many of your customers can be found on Social Networking sites because they to are looking to network together and promote their business. So what does this all mean to you? It means its time to learn the power of FREE marketing through social networking. Twitter is one of those great tools that once you learn how to use it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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No Tricks, Just Treats

Marketing your landscape business - No Tricks Just treatsIt's that time of year again where you are turning off the sprinklers systems, blowing out the lines and looking for your winter income and planning for next years season. This is such a great time of year. All of next years marketing campaigns are being set up and I for one, love a great marketing campaign.

So have you stopped to consider what you did this year that was successful and what things you would like to try? Let me give you a few ideas, with just a few minutes a day, you may be surprised at how successful some of these “tips and tricks” can be. Don't be “spooked” if they seem crazy and just not for you.

Website improvements

One of the best ways is to use your website to your advantage. Be creative, create interaction, be informative, etc. I'm sure you heard all this before, but what does it mean to you. Are you hoping that prospective clients will “find” your website and read something about you and think that they just have to have you? Not normally. Give them something to bring them in … Plant Guide, Tree Guide, etc. Both of these are great for Search Engine Optimization and give people a reason to actually come to your website.

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Don't let your Business Die with the Day of the Dead

Time and time again I have spoken to landscape contractors who struggle finding work to maintain or increase business during the off-season. With Fall here, many contractors are currently busy turning off people's sprinklers or are just about to be. But then what? "Oh! Well... there's the IA! I can go to that and be busy is often what I'm hearing contractors say. Then after that? Well, it's the Holidays and people are busy. It's really from January to March that we need to figure something out."

My message: There is work all throughout times of the year, you just have to be creative and discover what your business is really capable of. Halloween is the first holiday of the season and shifts society into a different gear. Let it shift your business into a different gear to keep up with the demands of your market. I guarantee that the successful landscape companies have work throughout the entire year, no matter if they are in Southern California, on up to Northern Main. Your market is unique and has unique needs throughout the year that you can provide. But enough talk about the need to make work (Yes, make work, not find work) during the off-season. What I want to do is give you some ideas, and then let you run with them. These ideas are for those who get snow, rain, or just cool winters, and some of them could be used just for client retention. I will say, most of these ideas have come from other contractors who have shared me with on LinkedIn.

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The Market is Changing, are YOU?

Building a better Landscape Business Any business that has been around since 2008 knows the market has changed drastically. With the economic mortgage crisis that hit America, and is still affecting it, many landscaping companies have suffered due to foreclosures and the lack of new growth. The businesses that survived were the ones that knew how to adapt to the change in the market. For instance, a landscaping company that primarily worked on new developments may have changed to retrofitting existing properties. The successful businesses realized that the market did not crash entirely but rather dramatically shifted in a new direction, and that understanding that new direction provides a business opportunity.

Think of it this way, if the market was a semi-truck that was gradually gaining more and more speed then had to take a sharp turn of course it would roll, and probably explode causing significant damage. The difference between a semi-truck and the market is that the market has the ability to change and adapt after the crash to keep moving on the new path. Interestingly, this changing market will never be exactly what it was before. Sure, there may be some similarities that rise up, but with cutting-edge economies providing new inventions the market will never be quite the same. The businesses that understand and can see what the market is changing to, and what direction it is going, are the ones that are successful. On the other hand, those businesses who are waiting for that semi-truck will be disappointed. So, what is that new direction? Many businesses are still trying to figure that out. One example, among many, is the demand that has risen consistently for Smart Water Managers. It is up to you to find out what direction the market is going and then adapt your business model accordingly.

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