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Smart Irrigation Control with Controller Link Smart Controller
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Why Weather Reach?

Who Benefits from Weather Reach?

Sprinkers that are controlled by the Weather. Create landscapes that save you money on your water bill.


Effective Rain Management for IrrigationEffective Rain

As an industry we have a problem, landscapes are over watered. Part of the challenge is all the variables a water manager must deal with.   Smart irrigation control can simplify the process; improve water management, save money and time.  In this training we will focus on how to apply the variables associated with quantifying effective rain to improve water use efficiency.

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PDF of this Webinar
Managed Allowed Depletion Tool
Quanifying Effective Rain
Healthy landscapes are dependent upon the relationship between plants, water, and the soilPlant Water Soil Relationships

The principles associated with Plant, Water, and Soil relationships is essential to Water Managers. In this webinar we cover the dimensions of this relations and how it effects irrigation and water conservation. There are several different approaches to determining your soil and the amount of water it needs to retain a healthy environment for your plants roots.

Links from Webinar:

PDF of this Webinar
Managed Allowed Depletion Tool
USGS - Water Properties
Comparison of Distribution Uniformities of Soil Moisture and Sprinkler Irrigation in Turfgrass
Soil Texture by Feel
National Engineering Handbook - Soil, Plant, Water Relationships

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Southeast Massachusetts

automated sprinkler system with flow sensing, climate controlled irrigation.
beautiful landscape because of an automated sprinkler system and flow sensing support
A completely automated sprinkler system is installed at this Massachusetts home where beauty meets technology to protect a valuable asset. Flow sensing combined with weather-based water management enhances the landscape package.
Climate Controlled Irrigation for automated sprinkler systems using the weatherController Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.


Turn your sprinkler system off at the first sign of rain, plus measure the amount of rain so you know when to turn the system back on.Tipping Rain Gauge
Total rainfall amounts are calculated and sent to your Controller Link Smart Controller where those amounts are added to your (ET) values so your sprinkler system doesn’t start watering again just because it has stopped raining.

Get alerts to your email when your sprinkler system has an overflow or underflow issue. Catch the problem before it causes more harmCST Flow Sensor
A flow sensor measures the rate of flow in a sprinkler system. Controller Link uses this information to accurately log the flow rate and the amount of water being used during each watering cycle.

Remote Management of your sprinkler system with email alerts and off site management of your sprinkler timerWeather Reach Access
Weather Reach Access is an optional subscription service enabling you to remotely manage Controller Links from your PC, smart phone, or tablet with Internet connections

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Weather Reach Controller Link with a CST FSI 1-1/2” flow sensor and tipping rain gauge, connected to a Rain Master Eagle sprinkler controller automates watering.
The landscape on this beautiful home in Southeastern Massachusetts was established in 2003. There is 40,000 sq. ft. of high-quality turf and 6,000 sq. ft. of shrubs, ornamentals, and flower beds. At the same time a 16 zone sprinkler system was installed so that fine tuning of the water schedules could be established.

This home was chosen as a great site to test Controller Link on a well system, with a “Creative Sensor Technology” flow sensor and remote management that not only reads the Controller Link, but brings valuable tools to the flow sensor.

An oversized CST flow sensor was installed to test its capabilities to read low flows. After proving that it could read flow rates as low as 1.5 GPM, lower than any flow zone in this installation, it was left in place for service life testing. A 1 inch flow sensor would normally be used in a residential system.

Originally the flow sensor was installed with the Rain Master controller for water conservation and to protect the well. The flow sensor allows the controller to “learn” or “memorize” the normal flow of each zone. Then when a zone is operating, it compares the learned value with actual flow. If there is a discrepancy, either high or low, the controller takes corrective action and displays an alarm message. Together they monitor the irrigation system continuously and will signal an alarm when the flow is detected outside the operating schedules. An added value of the flow sensor feature is that it allows the controller to total flow amounts. As part of the test, water usage reported by Controller Link was compared with benchmark control equipment. The homeowner chose to extend the test for two years and let Controller Link take over the watering schedule. Real-time weather-based control resulted in a 25% reduction of water use.

The Owner says, “the best thing about Controller Link and flow sensors is the ability to store flow data logs in Weather Reach Access,” an online remote management service. Weather Reach Access includes a graphical display of flow logs and will send email alerts. Normally alerts would be displayed on the controller. This allows for a quicker reporting, so that the problem can be fixed before even more damage can occur.

Controller Link was installed with an on-site tipping rain gauge to interrupt irrigation schedules in periods of wet weather. A tipping rain gauge sensor allows the Controller Link to actually total rain fall amounts knowing when to interrupt a schedule and when watering should resume. It allows for much better control of the watering schedule.

After installing the Weather Reach equipment, the irrigation schedule was set to everyday. Controller Link with the on-site tipping rain gauge took control the watering frequency creating water savings without the stress conditions.

This simple, effective technology, tracked water use and automated watering schedules to sustain a healthy beautiful landscape for two full years and used less water.

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Why become a preferred contractor.

More and more states across the country and putting water restrictions on outdoor watering and irrigation. Weather Reach supports water conservation and has focused on creating a product that conserves water while providing healthy and beautiful landscape.

Every business nees opportunities to grow. Weather Reach is just that opportunity. Here is what you get when you become a preferred contractor
  1. Weather Reach business leads. Weather Reach sends out postcards to residential homes to introduce Controller Link and Climate Controlled Irrigation. When residents ask for professional installation, we refer them to our contractors.
  2. Professional marketing material and resources.  Weather Reach creates professional marketing material, great networking through social networks, Search Engine Optimization tools that they make accessible to all of their preferred contractors.
  3. Weather Reach Training and Support.  Weather Reach - Controller Link is a retrofit to all sprinkler timers, and because Weather Reach supports flow sensing, and remote management, Installation is easy and a great source of increased income to you. Video resource is avaialable.
Weather Reach is a certified WaterSense partner so you know you are dealing with true water conservation.

What is WaterSense
WaterSense is a partnership program with the United States Environment Protection Agency. Because water conservation is important, and protecting the future of our nations water supply, the EPA has granted the WaterSense mark to products that pass testing, proving quality of the product and commitment to water conservation.

Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Why Weather Reach?

Who Benefits from Weather Reach?


Controller Link is now WaterSense qualified for the following controllers.

Champion: C Series; R4
Hunter: ACC; EC; ICC; I-Core; PCC; Pro-C; SRC; XC; X-Core
HydroRain: HRC 100 C; HRC 300; HRC 390;
Irritrol: JR Max Series; KwikDial; MC Plus Series; RainDial Plus Series; RainDial Series
K-Rain: Pro EX Modular; RPS Series
Nelson: EZ Pro Jr Series; EZ Pro Series; SmartZone EZ Series
Orbit: Easy-Set Logic
Rain Bird: E Class; Ec Controller; ESP Modular; ESP-LX Modular; ESP LX Plus; ESP-EC Series; ESP-Me; SST; STP
RainMaster: Eagle; Sentar II
Signature: Constellation; EZ Series
Superior: Sterling, Sterling Series
Toro: Custom Command; EC-Extra; Evolution; Lawn Master II; TCC Series; TMC-212 Series; TMC-424 Series
Tucor: RKS
Weathermatic: LMC Series; ProLine; SmartLine; Weathermate Plus