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Controller LinkTM

Controller Link is a Smart Water Management device that turns any* standard sprinkler timer into a Smart Controller.

Sprinkler Timers that Use Wi-Fi to detect the weatherController Link carries the WaterSense mark


Controller Link Smart Water Control
Save money on your water bill, your sprinklers run only when it is needed


Save Money

Controller Link helps reduce your watering bill by using 20% to 60% less water on your landscape.


Remotely Manage Water

Weather Reach Access allows you to manage watering from your smartphone wherever you are.

Manage your sprinklers from your cell phone, tablet or pc

Forget about your sprinkler timer. Water based on weather conditions


Forget about your sprinkler timer

Controller Link waters based on weather conditions, so you don't have to worry about when to water. Just set it and forget it

Doesn't Water When it Rains

Controller Link uses rain measurements to shutoff watering when it rains, and knows when to resume after the storm is over.
Use the rain to measure your irrigation amounts. Don't water in the rain again.
Serve your landscape customers better


Better Serve Your Customers

Controller Link Makes it easy for you to water efficiently while keeping the landscape green and healthy.

Improve Watering Efficiency

Controller Link knows the right amount of water that your landscape needs, taking into account changes in weather.
Improve Water Efficiency
Beautiful Landscapes start with Watering deeper and less frequently


Keep your landscape beautiful

Controller Link waters deeper and less frequent which promotes deeper roots for a healthier landscape.


How it works?

Every hour, Controller Link automatically connects to the cloud via WiFi to collect weather conditions:

Water Management using Sunshine Sunshine

Water Management by using Wind SpeedWinds Speed

Smart Irrigation Control with HumidityHumidity





These measurements enable Controller Link to automatically adjust watering.




Remote Management

Use the weather to automate your sprinklers

Manage your watering system at any time, from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Flow Sensing

Track real-time water use and get email alerts in the event of a pipe break or system malfunction.

Rain Gauge

Rain gauge uses rain measurements to shut off watering and knows how long to wait before resuming water.




"The property not only looks better, but we spent less time messing with the run times."


Dub Wilson
Dereks Landscaping

"Controller Link reduced water use by 11 million liters or 40% at several properties we manage."


Graham Duffy
Exact ET Systems


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