Upgrades - Tipping Rain Gauge

Tipping Rain Gauge

The WR-PRG Pronamic® tipping rain gauge measures rain. By measuring rain, Controller Link not only shuts off your sprinkler system, but also knows when to resume watering once the storm is over.






Accurate amounts of water from your sprinkler Accurate

Weatherproof sprinkler timer box Weatherproof

Reliable, your sprinklers will never water in the rain Reliable

A durable sprinkler system that is smart Durable

Sprinkler timer that is UV resistant Sun's UV resistant

Sprinkler timer that is heat and frost resistant Extreme frost and heat resistant

Rain Gauge - Don't water in the rain and know when to turn the sprinklers back on

How it works


The WR-PRG Pronamic tipping rain gauge measures rain as it drips through the funnel to the self-emptying spoon. Each 1mm/tip is accounted by Controller Link.

Model Numbers:
WR-PRG - Pronamic Rain Gauge (1mm/tip)
STYROSUN (High-impact polystyrene)
Mounting Bracket:
Stainless steel
1mm/tip (max +/-5% deviation)
30' (9.1 m) 18 gauge (included)
3.95" x 1.98" x 3.95" (100mm x 80mm x 100mm)
Simple periodic cleaning




*Pronamic is a registered trademark of Pronamic ApS Denmark


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