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Controller Link Installation

To automatically manage irrigation, Controller Link connects to your existing sprinkler controller. Controller Link uses the internet to retrieve hourly climate conditions.

Controller Link knows when to water and prevents watering by interrupting the valve common. Controller Link manages up to four programs; this means lawn, flower garden, shrub and tree zones can be watered independently. Your existing sprinkler controller should be set to water every day. Controller Link monitors weather conditions to know when watering is needed.

Once your Controller Link is installed you can begin to enjoy the benefits of climate controlled irrigation. Consider these steps when getting ready to install your Controller Link.

Site Review

Controller Link needs to be connected to the Internet. Will you be using Wi-Fi or Cat5 Ethernet? You may need to have a discussion with someone familiar with the Internet service at the property.  Learn more about connecting Controller Link to the Internet.

Inspect the host controller and mounting location to determine where you will be installing your Controller Link and where the wires will be run.

Mounting & Wiring

A Controller Link Quick Start Guide comes with your Controller Link with mounting and wiring instructions.A wiring diagram may help answer any questions. Please feel free to watch the tutorials.