Success Stories

Weather Reach Water Management  is used by Residence, Homeowners Associations, Schools, Businesses and Water Managers all over. With super cloud management and weather networks available. For every network, there are stories to tell. Here are a few of ours.


Southeast Massachusetts

A completely automated sprinkler system including the Weather Reach Water Management System is installed at this Massachusetts home where beauty meets technology to protect a valuable asset. Flow sensing combined with weather-based water management enhances the landscape package.  [More]

Colleyville Texas Beats Restrictions

A Controller Link was purchased for this beautiful home, with the Weather Reach Remote Monitoring system to help lower the monthly water bill. With the 2 day a week water restrictions, and the hottest part of the season to come, the owner watched his water bill very closely over June to see exactly how much money could be saved.   [More]

Multi Residential

Lakeside at Deer Valley

Lakeside at Deer Valley Condominiums is located at the Snow Park base in Park City, Utah. At 7500 feet elevation, in a sub-alpine desert, summers are very hot and winters are very cold. Controller Link keeps the landscape beautiful and reduces the overall time spent managing irrigation  [More]