Turn your sprinkler system into a water conservation tool by using the weather

Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.



Why Weather Reach?


Weather Reach Access

Remote Management saves you time.
Weather Reach Access is an optional subscription service enabling you to remotely manage Controller Links from your PC, smart phone, or tablet with Internet connections.

Flow Sensors

Controller Link Supports Flow Sensing

Water Use Reporting
Don’t wait for the water bill. With a flow sensor installed, water use is logged by Controller Link! Detailed water use records can be reviewed from your Controller Link or through Weather Reach Access.

High-Flow Shut-off
Broken pipes waste water and can cause significant property damage. With a flow sensor connected to your Controller Link valves will be shut down if the flow rate is too high. Weather Reach Access will also send you an email alerting you of the problem.

No Flow Alert
If the sprinkles don’t come on because an automatic valve doesn’t open or the supply line is off, Controller Link will alert you that watering never happened. Once again, with Weather Reach Access you will get an email alerting you of the problem.

Tipping Rain Guage

Accurate water management depends on both ET and rainfall measurements.  By measuring rainfall Weather Reach stops watering in the rain, but also knows how long to wait before watering again.

This self-emptying, frost proof electronic rain gauge accurately measures rain to 1mm per tip helping to ensure your landscape is not over watered because of rain.