Smart Irrigation Control mean sprinkler controllers that talk to the weather. Water Savings starting at 30%
Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Why Weather Reach?

Accurate ET
Effective Rain
Smart Water Management

Who Benefits from Weather Reach?

Home Owners
Property Managers
Landscape Contractors

Lower Water Bills

Over half of the average home's water use goes to landscape. You could conserve water and retain a beautiful landscape, saving yourself money. Your home's value and curb appeal are dependent on healthy lawns and gardens. Pay less in water; keep your beautiful lawns and gardens by watering deeper and less frequently. Use the weather to maintain the perfect watering schedule. Never over water. Never under water.

Conserve Water

Water is a limited resource. With the ever increasing demand for water, we must all do our part to preserve this precious resource by using it efficiently. Every time you water your landscape, you use water, and you increase your water bill. Water Conservation not only helps the environment, but saves you money on your landscape.

Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful lawns and gardens improve our quality of life. Gardening is one of the top five hobbies in America. We enjoy beautiful flowers, majestic trees, lush green lawns, and the variety of texture, color and scents from plants.  We are committed to beautiful, healthy landscapes and water use efficiency.