Lower your water bills by letting your sprinkler timer talk to the weather. Smart Irrigation Control.
Water Savings by letting your sprinkler controller talk to the weather. Smart Irrigation Control
Over half of the average home's water use goes to landscaping. You could water less and retain a beautiful, lush healthy landscape, saving yourself money. Your home's value and curb appeal are dependent on healthy lawns and gardens. Pay less in water; keep your beautiful lawns and gardens by watering deeper and less frequently. Use the weather to maintain the perfect watering schedule. Never over water. Never under water.
Weather Reach Lowers Water Bills

Controller Link
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions.

Why Weather Reach? Who Benefits from Weather Reach?
Offset Rising Water Cost

Water Rates keep rising because of the growing demand for water. Most of your water use goes to your landscape. Often landscapes are over-watered because conventional sprinkler timers don't self-adjust to changing climate conditions.

Don't Water in the Rain

Climate controlled irragation prevents watering when it rains and knows if plants received enough water to delay watering for several days.

Smart Irrigation Control

Climate controlled irrigation knows when lawns and gardens need water. On hot dry windy days, plants need more water. On cool cloudy days watering is rarely needed. Weather Reach Smart Irrigation Control products use local weather conditions to automatically control watering schedules.

Sustain Healthy Landscapes

Efficient water use eliminates wasteful over-watering.  You will use less water and still have a beautiful healthy landscape.  Often lawns and gardens are even healthier because they are watered correctly.

Remote Management Saves Money

Manage your Controller Link from any Internet accessible computer, smart phone, or tablet. Weather Reach Access sends email alerts when your sprinklers are watering. Log into your account and follow easy to understand charts to see how much water you are actually saving.