Weather Reach Direct

Weather Reach Direct provides Internet Access to ET Weather Station data on Irrisoft's weather station network. With Weather Reach Direct, a central computer irrigation control system can obtain high quality ET data without needing to purchase, install and maintain an ET Weather Station.


Weather Reach Direct provides a standardized protocol to exchange ET and weather conditions with a central computer irrigation control system.  With a subscription to Weather Reach Direct you are provided a custom URL to enable your control system to automatically access data via the Internet. 

Weather conditions and ET is updated hourly*.  A control system can benefit from real-time measurements from an ET Weather Station without purchasing, installing and maintaining a station.
* Some stations may be limited to daily updates.


Hourly weather data, in a text format, is delivered via HTTP.  A custom URL is coded with a user account and selected weather station,  Records include:

  • TimeStamp
  • ETo
  • Kc
  • Rain
  • TempAvg
  • TempMax
  • TempMin
  • RH
  • WindAvg
  • WindMax
  • WindDir
  • SolarAvg
  • SolarMax


Compatible Systems

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